June 2017 Update, Seeing is Believing Project Team in Palu, Central Sulawesi

Connect Indonesia, The Charity, our Seeing is Believing project team was in Central Sulawesi last month distributing glasses to a few lucky weavers from the weaver’s group Rumah Peduli/SKP-HAM jl. Basuki rahmat lorong saleko 2, kel birobuli utara kec palu selatan kota Palu, Central Sulawesi.

All the Volunteers here at Connect Indonesia, The Charity wishing our Palu weavers every success in their weaving works. All the very best for the future.

Our sincere gratitude to our volunteers Nurlaela AK. Lamasitudju and Virlian Nurkristi for their amazing work in helping us to make this journey possible.

As always, we are truly proud of our Project Manager, Olvira Ballo who has tirelessly managing this project and devoting her valuable time for the sustainable of this project. Thank you Ira, you are amazing!!

The lucky weavers are:

  1. Yumi
  2. Rosna
  3. Sanaria
  4. Hayani
  5. Aslina
  6. Kartini
  7. Zuhra
  8. Rohani
  9. Sabawia
  10. Suartin
  11. Korsia
  12. Misna





Late Update, October 2016: Connect Indonesia, in Toraja, South Sulawesi

We are truly proud that Connect Indonesia The Charity’s glasses have now reached Toraja weavers in South Sulawesi. Our volunteer motivator, Mrs Merda Mangadjun of  KATOKKON food Toraja had very kindly arranged the eye tests and the distribution, thank you Merda for such amazing work and dedication.

In October 2015, we managed to distribute 58 pairs of glasses to the weavers.  Our huge gratitude to Mrs Merda Mangajun, for her devotion and contribution to the project.

The lucky weavers who have received glasses in October:

Ne Nela (60) +3.5 Berlina Bui'(70) +2,0
Ayu(41) +1.25 Suli’ (67) +1,5
Midi (46) +1.5 Yuliana P (47) +1.25
Ludiape (57) +2.5 Ratte (47) +1.25
Theresia K.(55) +2.5 Kaise’ (40) +1,5
Datura (46) +1.5 Yosephine (43) +1.5
Rosalina (57) +2.5 Selfina Sappe (44) +1.5
Adriana (60) +2,0 Lusiana Limbong (50 an) +1.25
Debora (43) 1.25 Barrang (40) +1.5
Damaris (56) +2.5 Suka’ (60) +1.5
Sartin pasereng (65an) +3.5 Ludia La’bi (70) +3.5
Lince Alang (63) +3.5 Mosing (75) +3.0
Y.M. Paiman (47) +1.5 Sobon (70) +3.0
Agustina Tandisapan (45) 1.5 Pa Lembang (47) +1.25
Agustina Pandu (74) +3.0 Sappe (ma Isma) 40 th, +1.25
Agustina sesa (55) +2.5 Zethi (54) +1.5
Damaris Tandi  +2.5 Tasik (70) +2.0
Rosalina Mandang +1.5 Sau’ (56) +2.5
Yohana Assang  +2.5 Suppu (48) +1.25
Agustina Banne(???) +2.5 Minanga (46) +2.0
Martina Pasang (43) +1.25 Tandengan (over 80 years) +2.5
Sida (43 th) +1.5 Rachel Reu (50) +2.0
Bertha Taruk (45) +1.5 Lisu (69) +3.0
Agus Tandi (53) +2.0 Ina (38) 1.25
Sarlota duma (70 th)+3.0 Natalin (48) +2.0
Martina Mullu (76) +2.5 Yuliana (69) +3.5
Sabina Sarra(57) +3.5
Marthinus Sulu (64) +3.0

Our special thanks to Olvira Ballo, our project manager in Kupang who arranged helped with the glasses distribution. God bless us all.

Another batch of 160 pairs of glasses reached Indonesia this month, thank you all for making this possible

Our February 2016 update. 160 pairs of reading glasses reached Indonesia this month.

glassesWe are extremely grateful to our super kind volunteers, Mr Steve Buckle of Educindo, and Ms Dorothy Ferari, an Indonesian PhD researcher from London School of Economic who has kindly agreed to take our boxes full of reading glasses destined for our senior weavers in Indonesia.  We hope these glasses will benefit more talented senior weavers in the country.

The “Seeing is Believing” project is growing steadily and we hope this grass roots project will do better and reach more senior craft workers in Indonesia in the future.

We are currently trying to expand our reach to Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and many other regions in Indonesia.

Please be advised, that all of us (volunteers) to support Connect Indonesia, are 100% genuine volunteers, and any fund received by the charity is purely directed to support our projects.  We are grateful to everyone who have been volunteering all these many years, and hope to continue to receive your support for many more years to come.


The team of Volunteers of Connect Indonesia, The Charity