June 2017 Update, Seeing is Believing Project Team in Palu, Central Sulawesi

Connect Indonesia, The Charity, our Seeing is Believing project team was in Central Sulawesi last month distributing glasses to a few lucky weavers from the weaver’s group Rumah Peduli/SKP-HAM jl. Basuki rahmat lorong saleko 2, kel birobuli utara kec palu selatan kota Palu, Central Sulawesi.

All the Volunteers here at Connect Indonesia, The Charity wishing our Palu weavers every success in their weaving works. All the very best for the future.

Our sincere gratitude to our volunteers Nurlaela AK. Lamasitudju and Virlian Nurkristi for their amazing work in helping us to make this journey possible.

As always, we are truly proud of our Project Manager, Olvira Ballo who has tirelessly managing this project and devoting her valuable time for the sustainable of this project. Thank you Ira, you are amazing!!

The lucky weavers are:

  1. Yumi
  2. Rosna
  3. Sanaria
  4. Hayani
  5. Aslina
  6. Kartini
  7. Zuhra
  8. Rohani
  9. Sabawia
  10. Suartin
  11. Korsia
  12. Misna





January 2017 update – Connect Indonesia in Mamasa , Central Sulawesi with Torajamelo team

By Nelly Andon

Something is so inspiring and spirit building when you find someone who is so energised, devoted and ambitious to walk with you to reach your dream. In the past few years, I feel truly blessed to have met amazing people who are truly passionate about Indonesian textiles and who care so much about the workers involved in producing them.

We are proud to share our stories with you that Connect Indonesia, The Charity’s project “Seeing is Believing” is reaching more weaving villages in Indonesia now.  On this occasion we are in Central Sulawesi, Mamasa Region, meeting weavers and distributing reading glasses with the Torajamelo team, headed up by the owner Mrs Diny Jusuf is connecting us to the weavers in Mamasa Region, Western Sulawesi and also in Toraja Region, South Sulawesi. Mrs Diny Jusuf, who has been working to promote Toraja weavers and their woven textiles for many years now, helping to develop home industries and at the same time campaign to preserve cultural heritage surrounding Indonesian traditional textiles, particularly from Toraja.

Although many part of Toraja can now be reached by proper transport, many weaving villages are not so easy to reach due to lack of proper infrastructure, but Diny with her amazing ambitions managed to reach remote villages accompanied by her husband riding a small motorbike. Bravo ibu Diny, you are truly amazing!!  Your stories about the weavers in these villages are truly eye-opening, and I hope our contributions and teamwork can benefit more weavers in Sulawesi. Thank you for your full support in making things happened.

Our gratitude to Ms Wiwid Widiyanti, of Torajamelo team who has helped with the distribution process and our devoted Project Manager in Kupang, Ms Olvira Ballo who has been faithfully sorting our glasses for distribution. I feel truly blessed to have been able to work with such amazing and kind hearted individual. We hope that we could continue this pure charity work for many more years to come.

­­­The weavers who received our glasses in Mamasa:

Name Groups (Pebassian) Umur
Kori Batarirah 54 Years old
Sondoh Batarirah 42 Years old
Anace Batumoni 42 Years old
Ruth (Mama Dani) Saluloki 49 Years old
Nelce Kasih Bunda 54 Years old
Tasik Lalundung Ne’Amba 40 Years old
Ne,Bite Batarirah 59 Years old
Sara Batarirah 65 Years old
Limbang Karua/ Mama Tasik Saraputalang 66 Years old
Taris Mama Drni Saraputalang 49 Years old
Datu Aruan Burataneta 57 Years old
Sabariah/Ma Rezki Sanguyan Ta’bu 37 Years old
Lempan Saratu Sanguyan Ta’bu 60 Years old
Name Groups (Balla Village) Age
Etty Buratanete 57 Years old
Dorce Buratanete 46Years old
Sambo Mailin Buratanete 57 Years old
Langi Kayang Buratanete 62 Years old
Maryam Tasik Kalua Buratanete 82 Years old
Aruan Tallo Buratanete 58 Years old
Lempan Saratu Buratanete 44 Years old
Samboa aruan Buratanete 57 Years old
Rambo Saratu Sanguyun Ta’bu 55 Years old
Limbong Mewaka Sanguyun Ta’bu 57 Years old
Limbong Mewaka Sanguyun Ta’bu 58 Years old
Arruan Lebok Sanguyun Ta’bu 60 Years old
Aryance Sanguyun Ta’bu 59 Years old
Aruan Lumpa Mesakada 62 Years old
Aruan Saratu Mesakada 55 Years old

November 2016 update – 71 weavers in Central Timor, received our glasses donation

Project “Seeing is Believing” is just getting stronger by the day.  Everything we do around the project is “Voluntary” based, and we are truly proud that our volunteers are still as kind, caring, and devoted as ever.

Our update this time is from Central Timor, fully organised by Mrs Doli Febiyany Nuban Porwata, who has been faithfully volunteering for Connect Indonesia since 2013.   71 lucky weavers in Central Timor received glasses donation. Our huge gratitude to our volunteers in Timor who have successfully arranged the distribution. God bless you all abundantly.

Our special thank you to Olvira Ballo, our Project Manager in Kupang, who has arranged sorting and deliveries of these glasses, Ira, we can’t thank you enough for your full support.

71 one happy weavers below. There were 3 weavers group benefited from the glasses distribution:

Weavers Group 1: Kelompok Tenun Ruanrette,  Desa Tunbaun Amarasi Barat, coordinated by Bapak Mesakh Wellem.

Weavers Group 2 : Kelompok Tenun Puan, Desa Bokong, Kupang Tengah, coordinated by the group head, Sarci Amnahas – Atimeta.

Weavers Group 3: Kelompok Tenun Nunbeat,  Desa Kolbate,  Fatuleu Tengah, coordinated by Ibu Dorkas Bait – Bani.



Late Update, October 2016: Connect Indonesia, in Toraja, South Sulawesi

We are truly proud that Connect Indonesia The Charity’s glasses have now reached Toraja weavers in South Sulawesi. Our volunteer motivator, Mrs Merda Mangadjun of  KATOKKON food Toraja had very kindly arranged the eye tests and the distribution, thank you Merda for such amazing work and dedication.

In October 2015, we managed to distribute 58 pairs of glasses to the weavers.  Our huge gratitude to Mrs Merda Mangajun, for her devotion and contribution to the project.

The lucky weavers who have received glasses in October:

Ne Nela (60) +3.5 Berlina Bui'(70) +2,0
Ayu(41) +1.25 Suli’ (67) +1,5
Midi (46) +1.5 Yuliana P (47) +1.25
Ludiape (57) +2.5 Ratte (47) +1.25
Theresia K.(55) +2.5 Kaise’ (40) +1,5
Datura (46) +1.5 Yosephine (43) +1.5
Rosalina (57) +2.5 Selfina Sappe (44) +1.5
Adriana (60) +2,0 Lusiana Limbong (50 an) +1.25
Debora (43) 1.25 Barrang (40) +1.5
Damaris (56) +2.5 Suka’ (60) +1.5
Sartin pasereng (65an) +3.5 Ludia La’bi (70) +3.5
Lince Alang (63) +3.5 Mosing (75) +3.0
Y.M. Paiman (47) +1.5 Sobon (70) +3.0
Agustina Tandisapan (45) 1.5 Pa Lembang (47) +1.25
Agustina Pandu (74) +3.0 Sappe (ma Isma) 40 th, +1.25
Agustina sesa (55) +2.5 Zethi (54) +1.5
Damaris Tandi  +2.5 Tasik (70) +2.0
Rosalina Mandang +1.5 Sau’ (56) +2.5
Yohana Assang  +2.5 Suppu (48) +1.25
Agustina Banne(???) +2.5 Minanga (46) +2.0
Martina Pasang (43) +1.25 Tandengan (over 80 years) +2.5
Sida (43 th) +1.5 Rachel Reu (50) +2.0
Bertha Taruk (45) +1.5 Lisu (69) +3.0
Agus Tandi (53) +2.0 Ina (38) 1.25
Sarlota duma (70 th)+3.0 Natalin (48) +2.0
Martina Mullu (76) +2.5 Yuliana (69) +3.5
Sabina Sarra(57) +3.5
Marthinus Sulu (64) +3.0

Our special thanks to Olvira Ballo, our project manager in Kupang who arranged helped with the glasses distribution. God bless us all.

Late September 2016 update: Our glasses distribution in Nembrala, South Rote Island.

Nembrala is located in South Rote and it is well known for its beautiful white beaches and surfing.  The weavers we visited here were originally from the Ndao, a small island, which is only a short distance from this part of the island.  Ndao is a true weaving village, where the main revenue here is from weaving activities.

We distributed several glasses here and learned a lot about the local Ndao migrants and their weaving textile. We hope to cross to Ndao Island in the near future and distribute some glasses to the busy weavers there.

Our sincere gratitude to Mama Paulina Haning and her team for their hospitality and attention during our stay in Rote.

Our special thanks to our amazing volunteers (Olvira Ballo, Doli Febiyany Porwata, Nelly Andon) who have spent their valuable time here in Rote and achieved great works on this visit.

Late update from Amarasi, West Timor – Our September 2016 glasses distribution.

The last leg of our journey in East Nusa Tenggara in 2016 was in Amarasi region of West Timor. Here we met over 50 weavers in a small village called Dusun Huko’u, in the Oesena Village.  The meeting took place in a small church in the village called Gereja Efata Huko’u, organised by the local priest and his wife,  Bapak Pdt. Daniel Thimotius Tafetin & Ibu Welhelmina Barek Hurint.

We left Kupang (the capital of East Nusa Tenggara) fairly early in the morning on 19th September 2016, passing some truly gorgeous panorama on a slightly bone dry surroundings, but later welcomed by a very heavy rain on our arrival in Oesena.  We headed straight to the church (Gereja Efata Huko’u) were our meeting was held, and welcomed by the lovely weavers and the priest.  There two weavers’ group here, group 1 called AINA NFEN (Mama Bangkit = roughly translated as the “Ready to go Mums” group) and group 2 is NEK’BUA (SATU HATI = roughly translated “one heart” group).  Tea and coffee were served alongside gorgeous and delicious local delicacies.

We distributed glasses to 45 weavers here and shared and learned so much from each of these amazing textile artists. The groups have just started to produced ikat textile using natural dyes using many different colours using readily available raw materials from around the region.  Our gathering was closed by a lavish lunch for everyone, enjoying local cuisine and a chance to mingle with all the weavers.

We are truly grateful to Bapak Pdt. Daniel Thimotius Tafetin & Ibu Welhelmina Barek Hurint, the local priest for Gereja Efata Huko’u and his wife, who have very kindly arranged the gathering and who have provided every bit of support we need during the distribution. We were truly impressed with all the demonstration on how the ikat weaving was produced by the weavers. We can’t thank them enough for such an amazing time in Amarasi.

Please visit Amarasi, and treat yourself to an amazing holiday and ikat shopping here. Don’t forget to contact us if you need any information about the weavers groups here.

Our happy weavers who received glasses on this visit are: 

Yuliana Ora Juliana Baok Marta Rini
Nelci Nir Taroci Nubatois Tamara Ronen
Yohana Takai Ester Masneno Marta Thon
Magdalea Nir Oktoviana Ton Yakomina Ora
Mehelina Masneno Alena Ton Anci Mini
Amalia Asole Baoba Asone Apriana Tabe
Elisabeth Masneno Rosina Mokos Yusmina Wila
Saklin Mnir Taroci Ton Nanda Ora
Anika Taaneno Sipora Reinnati Gelda Tanik
Petronela Rassi Saklin Keo Normawati Mnir
Lodia Tefa Sarlota Boimau Dorkas Ora
Helsina Mnir Maria Boyrapo Lia Tabenu
Hana Mnir Yohana Tage Baceba Mokor
Taroci Mnir Loisa Bijae Roberta Ton
Tabita Asone Dina Mnir

Late Update from September 2016: Our glasses donation for senior potters in Rote

Whilst Rote is continuing to develop their ikat weaving industry, there is a great deal to be optimistic with regards to the ceramics industry which recently started to pick up in the island.

It looks like the potters in Rote have been doing well; there has been a groundswell of micro and small ceramic firms established in recent years, but the quality of pottery around here are still to be improved. The potters have great eyes for designs, but they need proper training to create 1st class pottery items.

On the afternoon of our 2nd day visit, we were invited to the pottery region of the island. The potters here are ambitious and wish to develop good home industries. They have amazing colours, bright and beautiful, but the quality of the pottery produced need to be improved in order to compete with other regions within the national market.

Our visit to this region was truly special, accompanied by Mama Pauliana Haning, the head of the DEKRANASDA Rote and her team, and we were  welcomed by a beautiful Rote Ndao dance and music. We mingled and danced with some of the potters and taking turn to enjoy cups of tea whilst working distributing the glasses to those who need them. Charity work has never been so much fun. Working in a true grassroots project is truly amazing. You get to meet and share many amazing stories with senior workers. Everything workout beautifully, with very little bureaucracy and a lot of things achieved successfully.

Our best wishes to the potters here in Rote. The future is bright for this region, this industry will promise good employment in the future.  Please help develop Rote’s pottery industry. If you are someone who is an expert in pottery work, do visit Rote and offer your expertise to provide them good training. Your support is highly needed here at this current time.

Our sincere gratitude to Mama Paulina Haning and her team for their hospitality and attention during our stay in Rote.

Our special thanks to our amazing volunteers (Olvira Ballo, Doli Febiyany Porwata, Nelly Andon)  who have spent their valuable time here in Rote and achieved great works on this visit. Good luck