Our July update from Fatuleau Weavers Group, Kupang, NTT

By Olvira Ballo 

Fatuleu is located in the Village of Oelbiteno Kecamatan FatuleuTengah Kupang Regency (approx. 70km from Kupang city centre). The Fatuleu group is a fairly small weavers group which only formed recently. The group’s program called ‘Program Keluarga Harapan’, supported by the local  Social Services (Dinas Kementerian Social). Currently, the tenun/ikat products are produced mainly for local use but also often purchased by the authorities as souvenirs for government guests visiting the village. The weavers are very active daily, working on fairly long hours from 10 am to 16.00 pm, daily.  They also have a few development plans going forward, such as natural colouring workshops and developing home grown cotton plantation.

We hope we can continue to support the weavers here, and help them market their products globally. We are truly grateful to Ms Melinda Fanggi (pictured with the weavers), our volunteer motivator in Fatuleu who has very kindly help connect us to the weavers and distribute our glasses there. Thank you, Melinda, for bridging us to the weavers.

Our sincere gratitude to our team in London who have continued to work and making this distribution possible.

15 lucky weavers who have received glasses last month in Fatuleau:

Maria Utan 41
Ursina Taimenes 36
Ursina sua 40
Nenci Selan Noel 42
Mehalina Naben 37
Yusmina Kanu 35
Yusmina Keli 42
Alfiana Peul 56
Yublina Naben Ufi 59
Bendalina Naben 57
Paulina Koinmanas 70
Fenesia Utan 44
Asnat Taimenes 37
Orpa Konu 35
Kornelia T 43

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