November 2016 update – 71 weavers in Central Timor, received our glasses donation

Project “Seeing is Believing” is just getting stronger by the day.  Everything we do around the project is “Voluntary” based, and we are truly proud that our volunteers are still as kind, caring, and devoted as ever.

Our update this time is from Central Timor, fully organised by Mrs Doli Febiyany Nuban Porwata, who has been faithfully volunteering for Connect Indonesia since 2013.   71 lucky weavers in Central Timor received glasses donation. Our huge gratitude to our volunteers in Timor who have successfully arranged the distribution. God bless you all abundantly.

Our special thank you to Olvira Ballo, our Project Manager in Kupang, who has arranged sorting and deliveries of these glasses, Ira, we can’t thank you enough for your full support.

71 one happy weavers below. There were 3 weavers group benefited from the glasses distribution:

Weavers Group 1: Kelompok Tenun Ruanrette,  Desa Tunbaun Amarasi Barat, coordinated by Bapak Mesakh Wellem.

Weavers Group 2 : Kelompok Tenun Puan, Desa Bokong, Kupang Tengah, coordinated by the group head, Sarci Amnahas – Atimeta.

Weavers Group 3: Kelompok Tenun Nunbeat,  Desa Kolbate,  Fatuleu Tengah, coordinated by Ibu Dorkas Bait – Bani.




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